Thursday, April 10, 2008

Never Enough

In a stunning display of goalpost-moving, Congressional Democrats have declared Iraq’s $6.4 billion dollar budget surplus, fueled (pun intended) by soaring oil prices, to somehow be a point against Iraq.  If I can understand it, their complaint is budget surpluses are inherently bad.  What the Iraqis should have done, say they, is somehow anticipated the surge in the price of oil, and implemented all the preliminary steps of billions of dollars worth of public works projects before they actually had the money.  Or maybe they just don’t realize it actually takes a measurable period of time to spend that kind of money intelligently.


Meanwhile, Captain Obvious, apparently a political correspondent at CNN, regales us with this headline: “Officials: Petraeus unlikely to recommend troop cuts.”  Really?  A senior military commander, whose entire career depends on success in Iraq, isn’t going to suggest he can do his job with fewer troops???  Darn, and I thought we were playing Name that Tune.  “Senator, I think I can win that war with only 3 soldiers.”


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