Thursday, August 12, 2010

Blagojevich Jury Deadlocked on 22 of 24 Counts

Story here.

Some dude named Occam just implied there may be foul play involved.  I am frankly shocked at the suggestion.  Everyone knows Chicago is a bastion of transparency, democracy, and justice.

Seriously though, if this doesn't end in a conviction, I think the only possible answer is to fire pretty much everyone at DoJ involved in the case, and open up an investigation into jury tampering charges.  If you're a federal prosecutor on the team trying to convict the governor of stinkin' Illinois, of all places, and you're not taking proactive steps to insulate the jury and their interests (friends, family, etc.) from dirty deals, you're not ready for prime time.  In our system, they only need to get to a single juror to make this whole thing fall apart.  Thus far, it appears they have succeeded.  I mean, for Pete's sake the defense didn't even offer a single piece of evidence.  On one side you have federal wiretaps, clearly and unambiguously recording Blago straight-up offering a U.S. Senate seat for cash, cold and hard.  On the other side?  "The defense rests."
I'm not quite so jaded as to think our Chicago-native President is actively insulating Blago from conviction.  But the steps the DoJ does (or does not) take in the next few days may change that.

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