Monday, August 16, 2010

A Rush of Blood to the Head

Crap like this is why I can't just sit idly by and only talk about politics.  BLUF: The FDA is set to rescind approval for a drug based on studies that say it costs to much for the benefit it provides.

Money quotes:
Citing a dearth of evidence of the drug's effectiveness, its potential toxic side effects, and its high cost, many cancer experts, patient advocates and others are welcoming the prospect that Avastin's authorization for breast cancer might be repealed.
Avastin was the first drug designed to fight cancer by blocking blood flow to tumors, which has been hailed as one of the first significant innovations in decades in the war on cancer. But Avastin is also one of the most expensive of a new generation of anti-cancer medications that only eke out a few extra months of life.
So, it a) provides a (small) benefit and b) costs a lot of money, ergo c) it costs too much money and therefore will not be approved for use by anyone in the United States. (Specifically for use against breast cancer; yes, I realize it will remain approved for other cancers.  For now.)

So, how is that not a "death panel"?  I'm pretty sure that was the concern - granny's breast cancer's just gonna have to kill her, because the only thing left to try just costs to gosh darn much to let the American Public try it, dontcha know?

I'm now accepting explanations.

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