Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Your Move, DoJ

Via Hot Air, Blagojevich convicted of ONE count - lying to the FBI, about keeping a "firewall" between his personal finances and his job.

Make it happen.  The DoJ cannot allow this to end in this way, not and still claim to uphold the law.

EDIT: U.S. Attorneys say they're retrying the case.  That doesn't mean I'm satisfied; indeed, anything less and I think I'd have an aneurysm.  No, the DoJ investigation is on top of retrying him.  Else, why bother?  If he can fix one jury, he can fix a hundred.

As an addendum, I'm calling it:  the juror they got to was specifically instructed to go with guilty on a minor charge, on the off chance the feds would bite and let him slide on the rest.  Give it a couple weeks and we'll know absolutely everything that happened in that jury room.  Stay tuned.

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