Thursday, August 12, 2010

I'm on Fire Today

Apropos of two completely separate conversations with my wife last night (via Instapundit):

Job licensure is an example of how using the "public interest" philosophy of governance fails. States issue licenses for various professions, such as most medical jobs. The public interest is instilling confidence in a specialist's capability - and in the case of doctors, it makes sense. You want to know your doctor is actually a doctor before he starts tinkering with your bits.

But funeral directors? What are we defending there? Are there really a rash of snake-oil (Two uses in one day. Shame on me.) salesmen only pretending to sell you a sturdy casket in Louisiana? Are the good people of Louisiana so overwhelmed with choice in funeral directorship that they risk making a disastrous and dangerous choice when making arrangements for their departed loved ones?

More importantly, are you really suggesting that there is no better alternative to the government in suggesting a good funeral director?  The whole funeral director industry is somehow incapable of developing rigorous standards and certifying that someone is a competent funeral director?

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